Design & Scanning

Imagelab offers a complete digital bureau and scanning facility.

Whether you want professional raw file conversions, retouching, restoration, design assistance – or quality scans to produce large format photographic prints or any output from our range of Print to Anything Solutions or other of our inkjet options, talk to Imagelab’s talented digital team.

All the magic of digital imaging at your call:


Imagelab has scanning facilities to handle everything from one-offs through to large scale projects, including requirements for low resolution/high volume through to high resolution reproduction scans.

We can scan from

  • 35mm, 120, 4×5 and panorama film formats – and from negative or transparency film originals.
  • From reflection originals, photographs, maps and art – from small up to very large.
  • We can even scan your ultra-sounds and X-Rays

Whether you need:

  • Low resolution images for e-mail or archiving
  • Web use or small print production
  • High resolution images for reproduction or super-large murals

Imagelab’s high quality scanning devices including Durst and Imacon film scanners as well as our Hasselblad digital camera, will assure you of the finest quality imaging scans.

Sending Files to Imagelab

Small files (<15MB)

For files under or around 15MB, feel free to email directly to

Large files (>15MB)

For larger files we recommend using a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. These services are free and allow the transfer of files up to 2GB. If you have a Gmail account you already have a Google Drive waiting! Just upload your file, and share the link with us!

Digital & Design Services

Imagelab provides a range of design services from simple composite text, image and logo placement – through to your complete display, banner or POS concept and design requirements.

Photo retouch, restoration & manipulation

Talk to our talented digital artists about putting the final touches on your favourite images. Restore your old or damaged photos, add colour, remove or add people, remove red-eye, blemishes and flare, paste together panoramas and so much more.