Large Format Photo Prints

For colour-accurate, large format photographic-style prints, Imagelab has you covered. Take advantage of vibrant colours, incredible resolution and sharpness, and a variety of finishes.

From the smallest of images to massive photo-murals and display or exhibition graphics. From digital files, digital cameras, negatives, transparencies or reflection copies – at Imagelab, we do it all.

Used by: Photographers / Designers / Museums / Galleries / Exhibition Managers / Artists

aratoi scans 20151207 PC077335

The quality demanded by museums, galleries and organisations throughout the world.
aratoi scans 20151207 PC077326

Clear, crisp and precise detail with true, pure and brilliant colour.
aratoi scans 20151207 PC077328

From any medium – and for prints from the smallest sizes up to 1.5m wide by any continuous length.

We accept all common file formats, though we prefer TIF or high-quality JPG with embedded colour profiles. For more information see sending files, or get in touch at