Please see our full price calculator for pricing options on a variety of substrates. Price calculator

Supplied Digital Files

Files may be supplied in any tagged colour space (RGB, CMYK, or greyscale), in a format appropriate for the job. PDFs, JPGs, and TIFs are all acceptable, and should be set up at the intended size. InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator files should not be sent without previous contact, and should be sent as fully packaged ZIP files.

Colour Matching

If colour matching is required, it is important that any colour samples are supplied at the time of ordering. Imagelab will endeavour to match as closely as possible to your sample(s). It should be noted however that absolutely accurate matches are not always possible due to different print processes, synthetic fabrics and the nature of certain colours.

Sizes and Cropping

Print sizes may vary due to the proportion of original files or film originals. Unless we are asked to crop, it is Imagelab’s normal practice to print the full image area.

Volume Prices

Prices will generally decrease with volume. Please see our Price calculator for full details.

Service Times and Rush Rates

Imagelab will always endeavour to meet your deadlines within our normal rates. Urgent jobs however, may incur rush surcharges.

Disputes and Returns

Advice of any dispute or request for credit will only be considered if brought to Imagelab’s attention within seven days of supply. Any such items must be returned for Imagelab’s inspection.

Metric Conversions

Metric (mm)Imperial (in)
100 × 1506 × 4″
125 × 1805 x 7″
150 x 2006 x 8″
200 x 2508 x 10″
200 x 3008 x 12″
250 x 30010 x 12″
280 x 35011 x 14″
300 x 45012 x 18″
400 x 50016 x 20″
500 x 60020 x 24″
500 x 76020 x 30″
760 x 101030 x 40″
A SizesMetric (mm)
A5148 × 210
A4210 × 297
A3297 × 420
A2420 × 594
A1594 × 841
A0841 × 1189